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Drill Burst Articulation

This is an effective approach when appropriate aimed at having shorter bursts of concentrated practice. Thus, maximizing time in therapy, and giving you more free time!


This type of therapy is most appropriate for a child who can quickly transition from play to “work”.  Parents may be asked to complete (brief) speech exercises in between sessions.

Cute little boy at speech therapist office.jpg
Children speech therapy concept. Preschooler practicing correct pronunciation with a femal

Traditional Articulation Therapy

Not being understood is very frustrating for children! My goal is to use the most fitting approach for your child’s errors. I will work from the bottom up so that eventually she can be understood by you and others in any conversation.


Articulation therapy is helpful for:

  • single or multiple sound errors

  • apraxia

  • dysarthria

Sessions may be drill-based or play-based (or a little of both), may last 30-40 minutes, and occur one to three times per week depending on the severity of the disorder. Parents may be enlisted to help with (easy) home practice to maintain progress. Fun and games are commonplace in articulation therapy!

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