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Image by Juan Encalada

At Bluebonnet Therapy we  incorporate fun activities and parent education to help your child reach their goals faster.


Empowering Children's Confidence & Communication!

Bluebonnet Therapy helps improve quality of life by supporting resiliency, autonomy, and self-development, and we connect with children through kindness and respect.


Bluebonnet Therapy uses a child-led and family-centered approach to address speech and feeding. We use a myofunctional, or muscle-based, approach and are able to support children and families before and after oral/pharyngeal surgeries (frenectomy, posterior pharyngeal flap).  We are passionate about early childhood language intervention and supporting augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

Bluebonnet Therapy is a private speech therapy practice in Garden Ridge, TX serving Northeast San Antonio and surrounding areas.

"Marissa is great at making speech fun!
My 4 year old loves his speech sessions. We have seen huge improvements in just a few months. So thankful for Marissa!"
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